Top Reasons Why Custom Exhausts
are Popular

There are many people who purchase a new car and never change one thing about it. They are content to drive it as the manufacturer built it. There are many others who love making modifications for both aesthetic and functional enhancements. If you fall into the second category, you may be wondering about custom exhausts and if their popularity means it would be a great upgrade for your vehicle. Here are the top reasons why custom exhausts are popular, so you can decide if this is one avenue to take to modify yours.

custom exhausts simply sound better when you accelerate

  1. Better construction. Custom exhausts are made using better materials than what is used in average factory exhaust systems so you can expect them to last far longer.
  2. Better horsepower and torque. Car manufacturers have to make allowances to be able to keep their vehicles affordable. That often means delivering a lower level of horsepower that most drivers would be content with. If you are looking for more performance than the status quo, custom exhausts can make that a reality.
  3. Cheaper isn’t better. While custom exhausts aren’t the cheapest alternative, most people feel they are worth the investment. Stock mufflers that don’t provide the performance you are looking for could feel more like a waste of money.
  4. That beautiful growl! There is no denying that custom exhausts simply sound better when you accelerate, and that makes driving fun!

If you are interested in the benefits that custom exhausts have to offer and would like to learn more about what can be accomplished, give us a call at Scotties Muffler Shop in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We are passionate about exhaust systems and have the experience and imagination to provide custom exhausts that we are confident will enhance your driving experience.