Pros and Cons of Dual Mufflers

If your vehicle wasn’t manufactured with dual mufflers, you may be thinking of installing a dual exhaust system because they look cool or to gain added performance. Before you take this step, it is important to fully understand what is involved. That includes studying both the pros and cons of having dual mufflers on your vehicle, which involves having two exhaust pipes and other modifications.

pros and cons of having dual mufflers on your vehicle

Pros of Dual Mufflers

  • Improved fuel economy. Dual mufflers allow the engine to run more efficiently because there is less engine back pressure. Your vehicle won’t use as much fuel because the fuel will burn at a slower rate.
  • Horsepower increase. You can expect roughly a 20 percent increase in horsepower when you change to dual mufflers, as the burned engine exhaust is able to exit the combustion chamber more easily.
  • Sounds powerful. When your vehicle has dual mufflers, it will sound different and most people love the deeper tone that gives the impression of a more powerful vehicle.
  • Cooler engine. When the engine runs more efficiently, it doesn’t get as hot.
  • Engine life. Between being cooler and not working as hard, your vehicle’s engine could last longer.

Cons of Dual Mufflers

  • Cost. Since you’ll need two of several of the parts, a dual exhaust system costs more at replacement time. There are also the costs involved with modifying to consider.
  • Shorter lifespan. Since dual mufflers do not get as warm as a single exhaust, they tend to rust faster, as vapor doesn’t get the chance to burn off. You can reduce this by taking longer trips instead of short ones, but the chances are that you’ll need to replace a dual system sooner than a single exhaust system.
  • Louder. While some people love the deeper tone, others prefer a quieter vehicle and might not appreciate that dual mufflers aren’t as quiet.

If you are interested in dual mufflers for your vehicle and would like additional information about the pros and cons involved, give us a call at Scotties Muffler Shop in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We take the time to discuss your exhaust system needs, so you can make an informed decision about which system will give you the advantages that mean the most to you. Call today to schedule an appointment.