Key Signs that You Need Exhaust & Muffler Repairs

Keeping your exhaust system and muffler working properly is important for your entire vehicle to function properly. Driving when you need exhaust & muffler repair can lead to a wide array of issues with your vehicle. Here are three signs that may mean you need exhaust & muffler repair:

  1. Loud noises- One of the easiest ways to spot a problem with your exhaust & muffler is a loud noise coming from your car. The muffler is designed to reduce the noise coming from your car. So, if your car is making loud noises, it could mean that your muffler is cracked or has a hole in it. Loud noises could mean that it is time to have your exhaust & muffler repaired.
  2. Decreased gas mileage- Another sign that you are in need of an exhaust & muffler repair is a dip in your gas mileage. If you notice a dip in your gas mileage, it is important to have your vehicle diagnosed.
  3. Bad odor- Smelling exhaust in the car while you are driving or idling can mean that you have a crack or hole in your exhaust system. An exhaust system which is working properly should filter odors out and away from your vehicle. It is extremely important to have your vehicle looked at if you smell any fumes, as these fumes can be detrimental to your health.

you are in need of an exhaust & muffler repair

If you notice any of these signs, it is time to get your car looked at by a knowledgeable mechanic. Here at Scotties Muffler Shop, we have expert mechanics who can help diagnose your vehicle’s problem and get you back on the road. All of our work is covered by a one-year warranty, so you can rest easy that the exhaust & muffler repair you receive at our shop is the best in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area.