How Winter Conditions Can Lead to Exhaust & Muffler Repair

It won’t be long before we start seeing some winter temperatures and conditions in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area. Your mind might be turning to preparations and gaining an understanding about how winter conditions can affect your vehicle and lead to exhaust & muffler repair. While our winters aren’t as harsh as some areas of the country, there are a few things you should know.

warning signs are that you need exhaust & muffler repair

First of all, it isn’t a bad idea to plan to adjust your driving routines once cold weather arrives. Short, frequent trips can adversely affect your exhaust system, so try to plan all your errands on the same day and make it a longer excursion. You can also take advantage of nicer days this way, which is good for you too! It is the first 15 to 20 minutes that are the most difficult on your car as it is warming up. Any water vapor that collects during this time isn’t burned off if that is as long as your trip lasted, so that moisture sits inside the exhaust system and combines with sulfur to create a corrosive acid that leads to exhaust & muffler repair.

The next thing to know is what the warning signs are that you need exhaust & muffler repair so you don’t risk your life with deadly fumes. Be sure to have your vehicle checked out if you notice rattling, hissing, vibrations, a steady roar, colored smoke, or anything that doesn’t seem like it normally is. Potholes, salt on the road, and other winter road conditions can do a number on the exhaust system, since it is located so close to the road.

When in doubt, be safe and call us at Scotties Muffler Shop to have your vehicle’s exhaust system checked out and exhaust & muffler repair done if needed. We can also check it out before winter arrives so you can be sure you are going into the season with a reliable exhaust system.