Exhaust Studs, Winston-Salem, NC

Exhaust studs are difficult to replace, but with our experience, it will be done right the first time.

One of the most annoying exhaust repair tasks is replacing snapped exhaust studs, which is why even most DIYers opt not to mess with them. It can also be a headache to get ones that fit properly if the exhaust system is to be mounted properly. At Scotties Muffler Shop in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we have been in business since 1997, so it is safe to say we can take care of this for you even though exhaust studs are challenging.

Exhaust Studs in Winston-Salem, NC

There are several reasons why exhaust studs are so difficult to replace. First, they are continually exposed to your vehicle’s exhaust. In addition, they are also exposed to the elements. This combination means there is a good chance they are rusted which can complicate matters. We have several different methods we can utilize to take care of even the most stubborn exhaust studs. In addition, we take care to clean the area before installing the new exhaust studs.

You can rest assured that we will use high-quality exhaust studs for all exhaust installation and repair projects so that a proper fit is assured and you’ll get the longest life possible. We diagnose problems accurately so that the right solution is implemented. We back our work with a minimum of a full one-year warranty, so you can have complete confidence in all our work.

If you are looking for muffler work to be done, you can depend on to be done right the first time at a reasonable price, give us a call today. Whether you need exhaust studs or any other exhaust repair parts, our exhaust shop is the one to turn to.