Exhaust Resonators, Winston-Salem, NC

Exhaust resonators give your vehicle that deep, rumbling sound you love.

Some people love hearing a robust sound from their vehicle’s exhaust system. Others want it to be as quiet as possible. Still others fall somewhere in between. At Scotties Muffler Shop in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we take the time to learn what your personal preference is so that we can achieve the goal you have in mind. How your vehicle sounds isn’t the only consideration when it comes to the exhaust system. You might also be concerned with how powerful your vehicle is or how efficiently it operates, and these aspects can be controlled by virtue of a custom exhaust system.

Exhaust Resonators in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Exhaust resonators are one of the components of an exhaust system that has an impact on how your vehicle sounds. If your vehicle was equipped with one and it has rusted out, it should be replaced, as the engine was tuned based on it being there. If you are switching to a custom exhaust system, you may want to include one if you would like to keep the sound down a bit, but retain as much power as possible. An interesting thing about exhaust resonators is that they do not just tone down the engine sound; they also change it to remove the annoying high tones and keep the lower pleasant ones.

If you like the idea of retaining power and efficiency while still enjoying that bit of rumble that you’d expect with a custom exhaust system, ask us about exhaust resonators. We can also help you out if the resonator on your vehicle has been damaged or is rusting out. Contact us today to learn more.