Exhaust Gaskets, Winston-Salem, NC

It might not be a serious engine problem – it could be just the exhaust gaskets!

Exhaust Gaskets in Winston-Salem, North CarolinaIf your vehicle isn’t running like it should, such as having a noisy engine, decreased power, lower fuel efficiency, acceleration issues, or a burning smell, your first thought would probably be that you need engine repair. However, at Scotties Muffler Shop, we often see that these symptoms are not the costly repair you might fear. Exhaust gaskets are a much less costly resolution and one that should be investigated before proceeding with something costlier.

Exhaust gaskets sometimes burn out or blow out because the gasket material can shred after being exposed or become damaged or degrade in other ways. Any gasket issue will cause vehicle performance and drivability issues. You may think you have serious engine issues and it turns out to be a simple gasket replacement instead. The important thing is to be sure only superior quality exhaust gaskets are used so that you won’t experience the same problem in just a few weeks or months. When you bring your vehicle to us, you can be confident we’ll get it fixed right the first time and use the best exhaust gaskets possible, ensuring longevity.

We keep the most common exhaust gaskets in stock and have access to those that are rarer so that we can get your vehicle back on the Winston-Salem, North Carolina highways before you know it. There are several different exhaust gaskets involved, including flanges, manifolds, and others, so it is never a bad idea to have them all inspected from time to time. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.