Exhaust Flanges, Winston-Salem, NC

We make sure all exhaust flanges are properly installed.

Even though they are small, exhaust flanges are an essential component of any fully functioning exhaust system. At first glance, exhaust flanges may seem like small, flat pieces of metal that appear insignificant, but the flange is what lets exhaust gases flow without any obstruction through the exhaust system. Exhaust flanges also play a role in connecting the exhaust pipe to the exhaust manifold.

Exhaust Flanges in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

If the exhaust flange on your car isn’t the right one for the particular make and model vehicle, you could end up with an exhaust leak. This happens because most exhaust flanges are used in conjunction with a rubber gasket. When the flange is tightened in place with the gasket, the flange squeezes the rubber, creating a seal between the manifold and exhaust pipe.

If your exhaust flange has a leak or another problem, your car’s exhaust system won’t work like it should. This can compromise the performance of your vehicle and cause harm to people who ride in your car since exhaust gases are toxic.

Because exhaust flanges are critical to your car’s performance, as well as your health and safety, only trust their installation to a shop in Winston-Salem, North Carolina that you can count on: Scotties Muffler Shop. We carefully install all exhaust flanges with precision to ensure the exhaust system works like it should and your car continues to run like you want and expect it to. Schedule an appointment with us today by giving us a call!